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संस्कृत सागर

Sanskrit Documents



The Sanskrit Documents are presented in various formats to give access to different levels of users, browsers, and computer platforms. The index to formats explains the formats along with the viewers required to see them. Viewing & Printing
The postscript and PDF (Acrobat) are the recommended formats for printing any document for the clarity and sharpness of the output on all computer platforms. PDF files should be downloaded first and viewed separately to avoid “internal error” incompatibility. The XDVNG output is font based and is suggested for quick viewing. The fonts need to be downloaded from processing tools. Another recommended tool is the PC bsed Itranslator for which encoded text .txt or .itx files should be used. The details on downloading these viewers and the links are give in processing tools section.

Some Sites mentioned on the “Links Page” also have additional Sanskrit and scriptural documents available in Devanagari or English. For audio/video collection of stotras, please see the audio links.



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